Binance Charity Foundation tweeted that they are now accepting DOGECOIN to fund supplies for their Frontline Healthcare Workers. In the fight for #CryptoAgainstCovid

What is Binance Charity Foundation (BCF)

Blockchain Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global Sustainable development by unlocking the power of blockchain.

They develop and test viable solutions that address the root cause of social problems to guide people out of the poverty trap.

They hope the transparency and inclusiveness of the blockchain donation system will trigger donors’ willingness to participate and motivate end beneficiaries to fundamentally improve their living conditions.

They believe no one should be left behind during the ongoing blockchain revolution and we are determined to bring the benefits of this revolution to the people who had no access to technology innovation before.

The foundation is initiated by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, headed by Helen Hai, UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador, in collaboration with Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, as the Chair of the Advisory Board.

Binance Charity Foundation Overview

As the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues globally, with cases confirmed in more than 175 countries and territories, and at least 14,750 deaths reported globally, the world is coming together to fight the pandemic. Binance Charity is also committed to this fight. 

According to the WHO, as of March 23, 2020, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 300,000.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019, Binance immediately launched the “Binance for Wuhan” project and committed to a donation of $10,000,000 RMB (~$1.4M USD) worth of medical supplies to support the battle against the virus in China.

Today, BCF is launching a global campaign, “Crypto Against COVID,” to address this worldwide concern.

Binance Charity will make the initial upfront donation of $1 million USD in BUSD, and set up a wallet for public donation.

Binance will convert the BUSD to fiat and purchase supplies from vetted suppliers and ship the supplies to the targeted hospitals in affected countries. Binance will continue on with a second phase of donations according to how the situation evolves.

Binance Charity aims to unite the global crypto community to help in this effort. If you know any hospital demands or any sources of medical supplies and shipping aid to help us fight this pandemic, please reach out to: bcf@binance.com. 

Reference: Binance Charity donation in Wuhan, China fighting Coronavirus in 2020

As of March 20, 2020, Binance Charity has delivered 366,000 pairs of gloves, 56,800 masks, 9 sterilizers, 173 barrels of disinfectant (around 5 tons), 5,280 bottles of hand sanitizers, 20,000 testing kits, 7,850 protective suits, 20,000 pairs of goggles, 388 oxygen concentrators, and 1000 germicidal lamps to over 300 hospitals and medical teams in multiple provinces/cities including Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi and Shanghai.

Binance Charity Foundation leads this mission, searching for qualified medical supplies from all over the world and directly delivering them to as many hospitals in infected areas as possible. 

In the third phase of donation, apart from masks, protective suits, gloves, Binance Charity also donated 1000 germicidal lamps.

These lamps were received by Wuhan University People’s Hospital and distributed to 74 medical teams, health centers and hotels which accommodated the medical teams.

Germicidal lamps can produce ultraviolet (UVC) light that can cause inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, providing a clean living environment for the medical teams. 

“The most important element of human life is to show compassion and help others as we can, without the limitation or restriction of borders.

Blockchain technology enables this in greater capacities than ever before and Binance Charity wishes to bring this to the masses,” said Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity.

“The crypto community is a growing force and we have an opportunity to strengthen this through philanthropy. We encourage the community to take part in this initiative as we unite against COVID-19, and together, we’ll drive impact,” said CZ (Changpeng Zhao), founder and CEO of Binance.

Binance Charity maintains its mandate of 100% transparency. All donations will be published in full transparency throughout the charity process on the Binance.charity website. All donations collected will be used solely for charitable purposes. 

Join Binance Charity Foundation and help the world fight the coronavirus. Even a small donation can save lives. Together, let’s help those in need. 

Humanity is determined and resilient. We believe we will beat COVID-19 eventually. Meanwhile, we hope everyone can practice social distancing and stay safe. 

Barbados: 8,000 KN95 Masks

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Brazil: 50,400 KN95 Masks, 13,600 Surgical masks

Chile: 30,400 KN95 Masks

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Ghana: 20,000 KN95 Masks

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India: 10,000 N95, 43,210 Face shields

Italy: 400,000 Surgical masks, 10,000 Protective suits

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Japan: 110,000 Surgical masks, 655 Protective suits

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Mexico: 30,400 KN95 Masks

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Peru: 30,400 KN95 Masks

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Philippines: 3,100 KN95 Masks, 2,500 Protective suits, 1,200 Globes, 3,500 Face shields, 1,250 Surgical masks, 2,000 Goggles

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Russia: 24,800 KN95 Masks

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South Africa: 15,000 Protective suits, 9,600 KN95 Masks

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Spain: 31,200 KN95 Masks, 15,000 Protective suits

Turkey: 40,000 N95, 10,000 Protective suits

Binance Charity Foundation to improve the lives of the ‘Bottom Billion’ through blockchain technology.

They believe that neither the market nor aids alone can help the bottom billion people. Adopting a two-pronged approach, they will combine market-based innovations with traditional philanthropy to advance sustainable development around the world.

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