Azuki Nft – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto & Finance Media, Azuki nft has gained a lot of positive shillings, and a lot of nfts collectors are seeing it to overthrown Bored Ape Yacht Club Nfts popularity, Not too long; Azuki Nfts racked up sales up to $500million and this was achieved some months after they launched their Nfts.

The first collection of Azuki NFTs was bought within three minutes of launching on January 12, 2022. Each NFT was priced at $3,400 and concluded in sales worth $29 million. Thus, the amazing part is that users can now Azuki Nfts to access a metaverse called “The Garden”, this can make them receive limited commodities such as NFTs drops, Live events, and much more knowledge.


According to bitcoin.com; it has been said that 

“Azuki took this week’s top position in terms of the NFT collection with the most NFT sales volume. Out of 735 buyers and 1,115 transactions, Azuki’s sales increased 94.68% to $95 million this week. The second-largest NFT sales volume this week stemmed from the NFT collection called Something as it collected $51 million in sales over the last seven days”.

However, this article entails vital information about the Azuki Nfts and where to buy them, kindly take a glass of wine and a seat while you read along.

What is Azuki NFTs?

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Azuki Is a collection of 10,000 avatars that give users membership access to The Garden. It starts with exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more that will be revealed over time. Community ownership in Azuki allows a new genre of media that the world has yet to explore.

The Garden is a corner of the internet where art, community, and culture fuse to create magic. The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring and the rules are being rewritten.

Azuki is a profile picture project hosted on the Ethereum network. It was created by four individuals based in Los Angeles who call themselves Chiru Labs.

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Each Azuki avatar has 12 different customizable features, including type, hair, face, neck, eyes, ears, mouth, headgear, special, clothing, offhand, and environment.

Azuki was inspired by the tremendous rise of NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks. However, it also brings innovation to the NFT industry, and that may be the reason for its instant success.

Meanwhile, the NFT collection was minted using the ERC721A token standard, a variation of the standard ERC721 token. The token standard was created by Chiru Labs and allows users to mint multiple NFTs in a single transaction, which significantly reduces the required gas fee and shortens the minting period. More than 27 projects are now using this token standard to mint NFTs.


Azuki Nft Opensea

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Azuki nft is currently on opensea; this is the nft marketplace Azuki nft is being traded on. meanwhile, it is a verified collection at opensea marketplace with 10k items, 5.5k owners with a floor price of 26.25 Ethereum which is worth $84k+ and a trading volume of 176.5k which is worth $565billions and still counting as of the time writing this.

However, users can buy Azuki Nfts from Opensea with Eth and can also be sold for Eth, a lot of people are currently trading and making a lot of profit from this project.

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The previous record for the highest-selling Azuki was 204 ETH, approximately $560,000 USD, which was sold two months ago. The rarity of Azuki #9605 is determined by the cool gray background, eyes, and mouth.

This article is only for educational purposes to pass information and not for any investment advice.

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