Apiens NFT – Everything You Need To Know

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Apiens NFT is a next-gen NFTs startup that targets Web3 enthusiasts. The founders believe that almost everything these days is getting connected to the internet. So it’s high time that someone integrated clothing with NFTs.

The Apien NFT just concluded their whitelist minting and they will start public sale soon, so if you have been wanting to know more about Apien NFT; in this article, I will be giving you insight into the NFT project.

What Is Apien NFT?

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Apiens is a community-focused Web3 startup creating blockchain-integrated clothing for web3 enthusiasts.

The world is continuously changing, and everything is going to connect with the internet, with clothes already being one of them. On a mission to produce “NFTs- integrated merch” for Web3 enthusiasts.

The major mission is to “create a compelling blockchain-integrated wearing experience for crypto- native people”.

Also to have “blockchain-integrated clothing == Apiens”.

The long term aspiration is to build an ecosystem that allows users to:

  • Buy rare and exclusive NFT Integrated merch from the Apiens marketplace.
  • Earn commission from merch sales.
  • Have access to our partner brands to build a business.
  • Have exclusive Discounts with partnered brands.

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What is BIC?

Historically, more efficient and novel solutions are known to replace existing solutions.

Any great product that we know today, is known to create a “brag-worthy the proposition” and “irreversible behavior.”

Humans are weird to brag about new things they use, to those who haven’t discovered them yet. BIC is fresh and new, and users will brag about its awesomeness. The brag-worthy proposition is so prominent that it ends up becoming more important than its true unique selling point (USP).

The BWP creates network effects, and more people want to join the bandwagon. 

As it takes users from point A ( Traditional wearing experience ) to point B ( BIC wearing experience ), This new experience will create an irreversible behavior.

Apiens NFT Roadmap

The realistic roadmap is divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1

At the time of writing, we have accomplished a few of our objectives, constantly working to complete all of them.

Genesis drop

The genesis NFTs consist of the 10 most exclusive pieces that were auctioned off in opensea for 24 hours on 27th Feb, 9:30 A.M EST. The reason behind this drop was to raise pre-seed capital for our startup for marketing, beta-testing hiring new staff, and compensating the existing workforce.

The accumulative sales generated from the genesis sale was 23.1 ETH including opensea fee).

Following are the sales stats for individual genesis pieces.

Argus Apien: 2.9 ETH

Meta Apien: 2.7 ETH

Punk Apien: 2.5 ETH

Fiery Apien: 2.3 ETH

Ophidian Apien: 2.2 ETH

Capra Apien: 2.2 ETH

Gold Apien: 2.1 ETH

Leman Apien: 2.1 ETH

Samurai Apien: 2.1 ETH

Automata Apien: 1.88 ETH

Personalized NFTs For Celebrities

The Apiens team created an honorary piece for Paris Hilton dedicated to her marriage. She has been in this space for a while now, and actively educating, elevating, and supporting this space.

After releasing the piece on their Twitter page, it was seen by Paris herself where she decided to retweet the post and commented how much she loved the art.

This piece is the capsule of Paris’s marriage life and her love towards NFTs space, and it will remain as part of the Apiens NFT historic piece in the Apiens nation.

Project collaborations

Official collaboration with a fashion brand is the core of APIENS. To facilitate exclusive discounts for our holders, we are partnering with global fashion brands.

Recently, they have officially collaborated with a luxury fashion-focused NFTs marketplace to launch metaverse wearable t-shirts for our community.

Using these wearables, you will be able to join the Metaverse party with exclusive on Decentraland!

This partnership will be continued and will create more utilities for both communities in near future.

Main collection launch

Apiens is a collection of 8000 3D rendered young apes representing high fashion trends, diverse cultures, and the evolution of fashion with time.

Apiens are beautiful, unique, and possess the best high fashion trait.

These are made up of hundreds of high fashion clothing traits such as Meta jackets, Astronaut Suit, Trippy hoddies, Catwalk coats, and more.

Some of the innovative and techwear fashion additions are back traits such as Robo, Demon, Bat Arms, etc.

That being said, the holders of Apiens NFT will get access to exclusive benefits such as commissions from BIC sales, discounted offers on partnered brand goods, and more.

Phase 2

To become a globally trusted decentralized fashion brand, the commercialization plan is super important for us. Below are some of the important information about ownerships of Apiens, derivative rights, and what you can do as an Apiens holder.

Apiens ownership

The name “Apiens”, intellectual property, and rights that are not specifically granted to holders/users are owned by the Apiens team or Apiens LLC.

This includes but is not limited to the intellectual property rights surrounding the images, website, names, logos, trademarks, 3D layer files, user interface, smart contract code, or anything else not specifically granted by any following licenses.

Holders commercial rights

By minting an NFT from our smart contract, you own an Apien! With this, you can flex, trade, use it as pfp, or merchandise it up to unlimited amounts through the sale of physical merch.

It means there is no limit on annual revenue from your merchandise sales using Apiens NFTs.

Derivative rights

The layers used to render full Apiens nfts belong to the team. They restrict the utilization of layer files to create derivatives. They are not open to recommending users to mint any form of modified Apiens, derivatives, or collection created using the Apiens style.

Terms of use

User shall not use Apiens NFT or any Apiens licensed material in connection with any material, which is fraudulent, hateful, abusive, profane, threatening, obscene, pornography, and unlawful. 


By minting Apiens NFTs, You agree to be responsible for any tax liability which may arise from minting or reselling your Apiens.

Phase 3

This is the most exciting phase of the journey, where they will be creating different digital merch for holders.

They are planning to create a new experience that will add value to the main collection. Imagine 3D walking Apiens with exciting traits with different background scenes. When you launch your walking Apiens, it will tell you where on earth it is, vibe rank, and how well it’s walking.

All the holders will be able to claim their walking Apiens. Claiming walking Apiens means, you send your Apiens to the smart contract and receive a walking Apiens, and you can get back to your Apien by sending Walking Apiens.


Walking type:

  • 1. Flounder: move clumsily or struggle to move, as in mud or water
  • 2. Meander: move or cause to move in a winding or curving course
  • 3. Parade: march in a procession
  • 4. Ramble: move about aimlessly or without any destination etc

Region: Location of your Apiens.

Nearest objects: There might be some precious objects your Apien comes.


The Apiens NFT team’s prime directive is to build a thriving ecosystem that offers products and services whilst creating effective incentives around them.

The fundamental components of the ecosystem are Cloth3 (BIC), EDU3, and HELP3.

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