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AdaSwap DEX – Everything You Need To About AdaSwap Dex

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, AdaSwap Dex is one of the most anticipated blockchain projects building on Cardano blockchain – it’s an AMM (Automated Market Maker) that facilitates trading of Cardano blockchain-based tokens.

Cardano has been a blockchain of interest to many developers due to its compelling features, Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.

Adaswap DEX is expected to be the biggest protocol built on Cardano blockchain because despite the compelling features that the Cardano blockchain possesses, Cardano does not yet have a similar decentralized exchange (DEX), which means tokens built on the Cardano network don’t have a native exchange launchpad and must rely on centralized exchanges for trade.

This will soon no longer be the case, as AdaSwap will be the native exchange that Cardano needs to provide liquidity to projects that create native assets and a thriving ecosystem.

Read through this article as I will be giving you more insight into the details of Adaswap and Adaswap Airdrop.

What Is Adaswap?

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AdaSwap is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and noncustodial way.

AdaSwap Dex has no order book — it eliminates all intermediaries, complexity, and cumbersome procedures from the equation, offering users untrammeled freedom to trade without censorship or loss of control over their assets.

Initially, AdaSwap will provide an automated market maker that is an adaptation of the model popularized by Uniswap.

How Does AdaSwap Work?

When an individual or an entity wants to swap two assets, an AMM is like a robot that is always able to quote a price.

AdaSwap DEX uses a mathematical formula to provide traders with an immediate quote based on the current liquidity of a trading pair. 

How? Crypto owners invest their digital assets to provide liquidity in a liquidity pool on AdaSwap. In exchange for providing liquidity, they will earn tokens from the fees the AdawaDEX receives. 

To put it another way, instead of getting a price from an order book, the price is calculated using an algorithm.

Users can maintain full control of their tokens and are not required to give up their private keys so that their orders can be logged as they are on a centralized exchange. 

In this way, decentralization is not just about user privacy but also about eliminating the risk of asset loss in the improbable event of exchange security being compromised. 

The ability to adapt to changes in the fast-moving world of crypto is essential. That is why AdaSwap has expedited its development to coincide with the release of new Cardano functionalities. AdaSwap will be facilitating token swaps, ensuring market liquidity, and enabling users to make full use of the network’s capabilities.

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AdaSwap Airdrop

AdaSwap airdrop was initiated to be the secondary, revolutionary offering that will create wealth for AdaSwap DEX users in conjunction with FFM (Free Financial Model). 

This will be linked to the Launchpad to help non-active traders to participate in as many launches as possible!

AdaSwap airdrop will be fixed, long-term liquidity pools that users will be able to utilize. The rewards will be the regular ROI (APR/APY), but LP providers will also receive a bonus through the AdaSwap launchpad helping to create diverse and rich portfolios. 

As per market standard – when utilizing the AdaSwap launchpad, the new project will have to pay a small fee, a certain amount of this fee will then be distributed throughout the AdaSwap airdrop system (AAS) pools in the form of the project native token. 

To avoid market manipulation, there will be a locked period for the LP providing pools that participants will have to comply with of to receive the Airdrops.

AdaSwap Coin

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The AdaSwap Coin (ASW) has been successfully launched to the public through 2 rounds of private seed sales. 

The design embeds in the token a right to access revenues and utilities produced by the Dex.

The AdaSwap tokens are the base and utility of the ecosystem. With the AdaSwap tokens, there could be more efficient swaps and price arbitraging in real-time.

Users will use AdaSwap tokens to unlock the full potential of the AdaSwap platform. The AdaSwap token will offer the utility of creation which is a vital requirement during ecosystem growth. 

Above this, the token will have the utility of the Free Finance Model which will create large returns for holders while reducing costs dramatically. 

Users will be able to experience the hyper financial gain in real-time while protecting the price of the AdaSwap token.

The AdaSwap tokens are a Cardano Native Token (also known as a Cardano Asset), that makes the AdaSwap token native to the Cardano ecosystem and easily interchangeable with other tokens based on Cardano’s network.

Features Of AdaSwap DEX (Use Cases)

Below are the use cases of AdaSwap Dex and the features that can be explored by the users.

DEX Trading

The AdaSwap will be used as a trading protocol on the Cardano blockchain that will facilitate the trading of cardano based tokens.

Users can also provide liquidity to the available asset liquidity pool.

The AdaSwap DEX will enable users to participate in a variety of DeFi services such as Yield Farming, staking, etc, on the Cardano blockchain.

AdaSwap Launchpad

There are two main reasons why promising crypto projects can’t raise enough capital, i.e., poor marketing and investors’ fear of scams. Americans have lost a little over $80 million in crypto scams since October 2020, a 1,000% increase from 2019. 

AdaSwap aims to overcome this through its safety nets providing a vital service for the economic growth of the Cardano network. 

AdaSwap is building a Launchpad as the next step for truly interoperable DeFi – A Protocol built for enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment based on the Cardano network.

With AdaSwap, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Users will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and to use assets that go way beyond the current standard which has led to many rugs pulls, this will always protect the community. AdaSwap launchpad will be the first Cardano launchpad to start the onboarding process.

Key details will be verified by the AdaSwap team to ensure that all projects on the launchpad will be safe. 

Such items the team will vet for are:

  • Metrics
  • The team behind the project
  • Tokenomics
  • Overview and use-cases
  • Roadmap, updates, and business development
  • Community and social channels
  • Updated development progress
  • Activity and a community overview


The AdaSwap DEX Platform is the software solution that the company will launch. 

This platform will be used to unlock the full potential of the AdaSwap Token ($ASW). The platform will serve as an access point to the world of DeFi, the Cardano ecosystem and the resulting AdaSwap ecosystem.

Adaswap DEX is more expectant in the crypto, DeFi, and NFT space in terms of user-friendliness (UI/UX), bringing simplicity and reliability packaged altogether with an efficient product that will focus on creating a seamless and smooth trading experiences, while not compromising on less than the highest security measures and standards.

According to the whitepaper, AdaSwap is here to set new standards in the Cardano ecosystem, they plan to roll out new tools that focus on creators in the crypto space making AdaSwap as creator-oriented as possible.

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