Justwrapper Tutorial, and how to get Justwrapper 100,000 USDT Free

TRONZ (now upgraded to JustWrapper) is the first tokenless smart-contract-based privacy computation protocol in human history.

This January, TRONZ launched the MPC Non-profit Torch project, which has surpassed Zcash to become the largest and most extensive MPC event with participation from 196 blockchain enthusiasts across countries and industries.

Do you know that whenever you make a transaction within the Tron blockchain, it can be tracked through the

And that does not provide a room for privacy as anyone can be able to track your transactions.

But with Justwrapper you can now send and receive cryptos without leaving any traceability. And that awesome.

What is Justwrapper

Justwrapper is a defi tool on the Tron blockchain that offers shielded transactions. That’s sending and receiving cryptocurrency that is not trackable.

JustWrapper is so far the safest shielded crypto asset platform featuring the highest level of user confidentiality and untraceability.

JustWrapper leverages cryptography and the zk-SNARK-based shielded protocol on the TRON network to ensure that transactions will neither be linked to nor traced by anyone.

An increasingly transparent world is looking to JustWrapper for its capability of isolating transactions from any particular individual, guaranteeing a high level of privacy.

Features of Justwrapper

The launch of JustWrapper is bound to reinvigorate the decentralized shielded transaction network. As a premium project combining enormous team effort, JustWrapper enjoys four core competencies:

1. Safety and reliability guaranteed by zk-SNARKs

Employing the leading-edge zk-SNARKs technology, JustWrapper achieves shielded transactions of USDT through TRON’s decentralized shielded transaction network.

2. Instant delivery

TRON’s exclusive DPOS consensus mechanism allows instant delivery of shielded transfers.

3. Untraceability and privacy

Information on all on-chain operations are hidden through `transfer` transactions, so that attackers won’t be able to link blockchain information to specific users.

4. Intuitive and smooth interaction

Account information, transfer, payment received, and transaction history is condensed and displayed on one page, making it easier for users.

Our goal has been and will always be delivering the smoothest experience to all our users. Each of the four advantages mentioned above manifests our vision of building the best-ever user experience. We are confident that as we further upgrade our technological competence, we will manage to offer a better privacy ecosystem and a flawless product that is fully private and safe with instant delivery. Free of any multi-point queries or operations, JustWrapper allows all users who log in with the TronLink wallet to complete all actions within one page. Below are the steps:

Justwrapper Team

How to Partake in Justin Sun 100,000 USDT Giveaway

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a shielded address on TronLink
  • Submit your address in google form
  • Follow us + Retweet with “My address is XXX”
  • Each participant will receive 1 USDT

The reward will be automatically airdropped to the winners’ shielded wallet within 10 workdays.

How to Create a Shielded Account in Justwrapper

You will need to create a shielded account in TronLink before using it for the first time. The specific steps of creating a shielded account are as follows:

Open TronLink(Android version needs 3.7.4+), switch to page “Me”, and click “Shielded Account Management” at the top. In the pop-up window is a message that says you don’t have a shielded account and asks if you want to create one. Click “Create”.

How to Create a Shielded Account in Justwrapper

On the page “Create wallet”, if you already have a shielded account, you can import it with private keys, mnemonic phrases, or Keystore; if not, click “Create wallet”.

How to Create a Shielded Account in Justwrapper

Follow the instructions to create the account name and password, and you’re all set.

Once a shielded account is created, the system will send you a notice asking you to back up your mnemonic phrases.

It is recommended that you back them up, so that you may retrieve your account if it’s deleted. Click the button on the upper right to skip the step if you want to back up later.

After creating a new account, you can re-enter JustWrapper to try out the shielded transfer.

Important Notice:

  • 1. ONLY the shielded addresses created through TronLink will be valid.
  • ONLY Twitter users following @justinsuntron will be eligible for rewards.
  • Each Twitter handle can only submit the Google form once (First submitted form shall prevail)
  • The reward is limited to 100,000 USDT, and to 100,000 addresses. First come, first serve.
  • For any questions relating to the activity, please join JustWrapper’s official Telegram:
  • JustWrapper reserves the rights for the final explanations to this activity


JustWrapper team shares the view that the growing demand for anonymous transactions will give rise to the increased value of anonymous tokens.

And it is happening! Today, and for the foreseeable future, there has not been and will not be an alternative means of making anonymous transactions that are more intuitive and offers lower fees.

Anonymous token holds a promising prospect both in terms of use cases and value.

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