Zeniq Crypto Review: Is Zeniq Coin Scam or Legit

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Welcome to bulliscoming (zeniq crypto review), Zeniq claims to become the most popular portal for digital investments in a few years and will be one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.

ZENIQ claims to do research & development to create innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology and is licensing selected partners to use and distribute these innovations globally.

A high level of trust and security is guaranteed by its outstanding USP the ZENIQ HUB.ZENIQ will become the most popular portal for digital investments in a few years and will be one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.

In this zeniq crypto review article, you will get in-depth information about the zeniq ecosystem, the zeniq coin details and if the zeniq coin is legit

What Is Zeniq Crypto

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Zeniq is a decentralized blockchain for crypto-fiat payments developed by ZENIQ Technologies, the hi-tech company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As the main office was opened on April 14, 2021, the project is planning to expand globally.

According to their website, the company has a legal status under the jurisdiction of DIFC (The Dubai International Financial Centre) and is licensed by Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA).

Zeniq basic philosophy is based on a full decentralization of its ecosystem.

The company’s goal is to simplify online payments with crypto to make businesses transparent and reliable.

It is developing a fiat-crypto fusion where users can send cryptocurrencies to someone and the recipient will get fiat currency instead.

It also provides an opportunity to invest in featured products and projects at an early stage.

Zeniq ecosystem consists of five (5) different products which are:

1. The Zeniq Blockchain

ZENIQ claims to be developing the first hardware device for fully integrated digital finance – the ZENIQ HUB.

An asset exchange platform will be combined with strong crypto technology in collaboration with modern banking partners in a seamless digital ecosystem.

ZENIQ will provide the opportunity to invest in products and projects in the early stage to generate solid profits through tokenized assets

The Zeniq blockchain is said to be a blockchain network that unites different blockchains and their native coins on one platform.

It supports Ethereum, Matic, Binance chain, TRON, and other popular options.

At the same time, it can boast of high throughput indices as it can handle up to 50,000 transactions per second.

2. Zeniq Coin

zeniq crypto review

The ZENIQ Coin is the new coin that was created with the ZENIQ blockchain to support the financial ecosystem as a medium for profit sharing through the added value generated by the ZENIQ Exchange.

At the same time, the ZENIQ Coin will also be used in the future for realizing real and profitable ZENIQ projects, with an additional listing on other international exchange platforms.

The expected value development of the ZENIQ coin is thus not only linked to a profit-sharing of the ZENIQ Exchange but also to the future ZENIQ projects and as a means of payment for products and services within the ZENIQ ecosystem

Zeniq Hub

The Zeniq Hub is an outstanding piece of hardware with a security and participation system that has not been comparable before

Zeniq Hub was created to enable users to mint zeniq coins to participate in the profits of the future ZENIQ exchange

Zeniq Hub is said to be personal crypto and asset management

Zeniq Exchange

As a decentralized exchange, the main focus of the ZENIQ Exchange is on security, privacy and an easy to use hardware for customers. ZENIQ empowers their community to trade across any crypto assets safely and simply.

ZENIQ offers a fast and secure way to manage and trade all categories of crypto assets by using the advantages of a decentralized exchange.

On the other hand, ZENIQ is eliminating the disadvantages of current centralized solutions on the market using its own decentralized blockchain.

  • No more expensive fees
  • Best exchange rates
  • Wire transfer no fee
  • Optional IBAN link

Zeniq Pay

Zeniq Pay is an all-in-one crypto technology solution for your project, whether it is a marketplace, a wallet, a payment service, an ATM Service, or an online shop.

You can Integrate Zeniq Pay to boost your project with a reliable versatile solution.

With our unique blockchain ecosystem and partners to integrate fiat payments we develop solutions that simplify and streamlines online and POS payments.

ZENIQ Pay is an all-in-one crypto technology solution for your project, whether it is a marketplace, a wallet, a payment service, an ATM Service, or an online shop. Integrate ZENIQ Pay to boost your project with a reliable versatile solution.

  • Crypto technology for ecommerce
  • POS Crypto Payment Services
  • API for Crypto ATMs
  • Payment service provider API (similar to Paypal/ Bitpay)

Zeniq Coin Price

The Zeniq coin price has reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.36 and the price as of the time of writing this article is $0.329957

Zeniq Crypto Review

The market is experiencing very strong growth in quality and technology.

Through “Tokenized Fundraising” (token-based capital raising), which is comparable to “Initial Coin Offerings” (ICOs), start-ups have been able to raise billions of euros/dollars in recent years.

The tokenization of all forms of assets, including illiquid markets such as real estate and fine arts is also increasing and will open up entirely new global markets and business areas for investors who previously had limited opportunities, who are now gaining access to these global assets through these digitized processes

Regarding the products of the zeniq ecosystem that may likely be of immense value to the public, the question that brought up is that if zeniq coin is legit and safe to invest in

Zeniq coin may not be legit because it is not available yet on popular cryptocurrency trackers such as bestcryptotracker, coinmarketcap, and coingecko since it has been created

Zeniq coin is not trading on any centralized exchange like binance, Houbi global, etc.

It’s only tradeable on uniswap exchange (a decentralized exchange and automated market maker) and the development team can remove liquidity at any time which will result into unable to sell the coin

Zeniq claim that it has its own blockchain while it’s still a token in the Ethereum blockchain

The zeniq product (Zeniq Hub) may be regarded as an investment hub because Mining of a particular cryptocurrency is not done by depositing funds in one place and expecting ROI (Return On Investment).

But by confirming and verifying transaction either with proof-of-work (POW) or proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm

Moreover, the zeniq ecosystem may look promising owing to the hype that’s been sold to the gullible one, and also there is a red flag on the native coin and there is no whitepaper available to provide their community and investors an insight into the project mission and vision.

Final Verdict

Tokenizing Assets will disrupt many industries and unlock trillions of dollars because it opens not only liquid financial markets to new investors but also illiquid assets like fine art or real estate.

You don’t have to own a whole building anymore. The advantages and benefits are obvious. Blockchain ownership becomes more transparent and it gives worldwide access to people with a simple internet connection.

Tokenized products will play a major role in the future for ZENIQ.

Zeniq claims that they offer a fast and secure way to operate and trade all categories of digital assets.

Zeniq claims that they are developing the first hardware device for fully integrated digital finance.

However, Bulliscoming Zeniq crypto review is for informational purposes only and should not in any way be regarded as a condemnation of the coin as we’re are only spilling out the truth about the coin and the product (Zeniq Hub)

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