Team Blaze Token is a digital asset (cryptocurrency) issued on 10th October 2020 to ease the burden of shopping & shipping on both local and international platforms. TBT is designed to be a 100% decentralized shopping asset in the E-commerce industry.

What is Team Blaze Token (TBT)

TBT is a digital asset built to erase the burden of shopping. It is a decentralized solution in form of money initiated to curb payment issues globally. An introduction to shopping in countless shops with 0% stress and 100% reliability

Team Blaze is a group of global independent partners in the crypto world, with a scientific approach to team building. TBT erupted due to our unending drive to make life easier & sweeter for all humans on planet Earth. Together, we can create and modify our own world to suit our dynamic needs.

Team Blaze Token Products

Right now, there is no payment gateway online and offline with 0.01% transaction fee, 1 second transaction speed & 100% reliability.

The good news is that; team blaze is about to fill the vacuum that has been empty for centuries.

Payment Gateways

TBT Payment Gateway guarantees 100% reliability, almost 0% transaction fee, and favorable market volatility to both merchants & buyers.

TBT Blockchain Network

TBT Blockchain is an upcoming affordable & 100% reliable Blockchain network for all (both the rich and the poor) TBT Blockchain is not just another hype that people can forget after a few days, it is a blockchain that will tackle all the loopholes in the crypto space.

TBT E-Wallet

We are equally working on one of the biggest online marketplace where buyers can shop different products swiftly with their TBT coins. With time, TBT will be accepted on different market places outside the internet.

TBT Wallet

TBT wallet is coming with several unique features but the most amazing part is our fraud prevention system, making it absolutely impossible to lose your digital asset. Hot wallet that notifies you speedily of any malware or suspicious keylogger app.

Team Blaze Token CEO


According to Egu Chris, the CEO of TeamBlaze, TBT (Team Blaze Token) could be the next Bitcoin due to the fact that it is designed to be utilized within the ecosystem of one of the biggest industries in the world ( E-commerce industry)

Team Blaze Token (TBT) is backed by a good number of innovative services ranging from TBT crypto payment gateway, TBT wallet & TBT Blockchain.

The aforementioned services are currently in development phase, hopefully, all will be launched in 2021.

How To Make Money from TBT

You can make money by buying TBT now and sell when the price pumps. Buying and selling TBT is very lucrative. Meanwhile, You should never expect to get rich quick with TBT or any emerging technology

TBT Vision & Mission

The vision, mission and services are all aimed at helping humanity using cryptocurrency as an efficient vehicle. They will continue to work until they become the biggest brand that attracts huge investors, and offer products that suit the daily needs of people around the globe.

They can’t do this alone. They implore you to partner with them in achieving their goal. Get some TBT coins now & help them to preach this gospel.

TBT Price, Exchanges

You can buy tbt tokens on,, Investing in Team Blaze Token (TBT) could be a decision you will live to appreciate.

Just like the mother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, TBT has the attitude of favorable market volatility due to its ever-increasing demand.

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