Abitnetwork the company founded by Gaius Chibueze that owns Tatcoin (TAT) is doing a massive December giveaway to the entire public.

Why Should You Care About Tatcoin Christmas Giveaway


Gaius Chibueze is an early investor of Bitcoin as of 2009 when Bitcoin first came out and was trading for just 1 cent.

After the growth of Bitcoin Gaius Chibueze who have invested in the early days of Bitcoin became a Billionaire, and thus he founded the company Abitnetwork.

The goal of Abitnetwork is to empower Africans with the right knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The long term benefit is the rise of smart 21st Century investors and traders who will be at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Abitnetwork is aiding this rise with the introduction of various marketplaces that harness the powers and advantages provided by blockchain technology.

How to Get Your $20 (N10, 000) Tatcoin (TAT) December Giveaway

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It very easy to partake in Tatcoin December Giveaway follow the step by step below and you will get your $20 TAT in your wallet:

  • Go to play store download the Abitrader app {Abittrader app download link)
  • When you launch the app click on “Create a New Account”
  • Fill the form with your details below.
  • In case they ask you for a referral, use this email (johnmiracle00@gmail.com) to fill the space.
  • When you are done your account will get credited instantly.
Screenshot 20201216 173137

Note: You cannot make use of the $20 Tatcoin immediately after you have been credited, but then, this tatcoin December giveaway is from the company direct. So hold on, don’t panic later you can use it.

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