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What is StatUp?

statup review

Statup is a FINTECH platform for only entrepreneurs offering a daily/weekly interest savings system, Business funding services, and a lot more, including zero-interest loan accessibility for participants as an established multipurpose cooperative society platform.

According to their website, statup gives you not just the opportunity to save with daily interest but to improve members saving culture through its automated and easy-to-use online platform.

StatUp Review

Statup is a saving, investment, and business funding platform of Statup Digital Technologies Limited which is registered as a finance company with Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with the RC NUMBER: 1749454.

Statup is a financial service platform that lets you save, earn interest on savings, and access loans without interest at ease for participants.

According to their website, you can choose to save any amount of money starting from ₦100 at your preferred pace.

Statup helps improve members saving culture through its automated and easy-to-use platform online.

Statup offers zero-interest loans to its members, every entrepreneur can request funding to start or scale their business.

How Does StatUp Work

Statup enable it, users, to save money and at the same time earning a friendly interest

After successful account registration on statup, it enables its users to choose a daily or weekly savings plan and link their debit card to their savings plan, and start saving while the startup does all the hard work for them.

Statup also enables its users to request a loan with little to no interest and they also fund a specific number of users businesses every month

To save on statup, all you have to do is to Log on to the website and create an account.

Then set up your withdrawal account details (this is the bank where your funds are sent to in case you choose to withdraw.)

Provide your debit card details. (You can use a MasterCard, Visa, or Verve card from any Nigerian bank).

You can then choose any savings plan and begin to save at your preferred pace.

Features Of StatUp

Statup provides its users with three different mind-blowing features which are:

1. Autosave

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Autosave is one of the statup features which enable users to automatically save as little as ₦100 to ₦1,000 Daily or ₦700 to ₦7,000 Weekly.

2. Request Funding

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This is an awesome feature of statup as we know how hard it is to convince VCs or even family and friends to invest or support your business financially.

Prior to this, statup is here to level the playing field within which StatUp funds 2-4 businesses every month.

You just have to head over to request funding and apply then users will be selected randomly while statup fund and support the business of user that was selected.

3. Zero Interest Loan

IMG 20210804 WA0023

There may be a situation where you are short on cash and the only option you have is to liquidate your savings. Statup offers it, users, an easy loan and there is no need for users to liquidate their savings as StatUp offers a zero-interest loan of up to ₦200,000 which can be paid back with ease, while your savings provide cashback for the facility.

Is StatUp Legit or Scam

StatUp is a Financial Technology company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria (RC: 1749454) with their office at Anthony Agbodji Office Complex, 76 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja.

Its savings scheme is duly registered under the Co-operative Societies Laws with registration number ESCS 01003 as Statup Digital Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.

Statup has a diversified portfolio that enables them to achieve higher and sustainable returns for its members.

They are not an investment company, rather they offer services, and realistic interest on savings, and thereabout.

Regarding the foundation laid down by the company, the accurate information provided on their official website and their mode of operation, and because user’s personal information is encrypted and transactions are processed securely, statup is legit and not a scam.

Final Verdict

This article StatUp review is for informational purposes only and the bulliscoming team is not paid to write about it but only airing out our honest review about the platform

However, statup is a great platform for anyone who wants to save and start a business.

Who wants to save consistently with ease and also without transaction charges.

Who wants to keep their savings and investments till they mature without tampering with them.

Who wants to access loans on the go without interest.

Who wants to achieve their financial goals with easy-to-use financial tools.

Above all, this content isn’t an endorsement for Statup from us in any way.

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