Qubittech Honest Review: Is Qubittech Legit (Expert Review 2021)

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The development ideology of QubitTech implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, as well as the distribution of platform resources among its users.

In this expert Qubbitech review, you are going to discover what Qubbitech is all about, and whether or not Qubbitech is legit or a scam.

What is Qubittech All About


The main mission of QubitTech is to provide its users with effective ways to receive royalty payments from the use of quantum technologies, as well as to grant its users with exclusive access to its strategic partners’ platforms.

The main goal of QubitTech is to reach the platform’s capitalization value of 10 billion USDT and grow its user base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025.

QubitTech already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining a serious advantage over the competition by adopting quantum neural networks data processing and applying the computing power of quantum algorithms.

Such implementations allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up and adjustments of algorithmic systems, and as well as generally improve the efficiency of platform operations.

QubitTech uses direct access to the Bitfinex and Binance exchange platforms, which provide high liquidity and security for servicing the platform’s resources.

QubitTech uses a comprehensive approach to the methods used to operate on the cryptocurrency market, significantly reducing potential risks and maintaining a high level of diversification of the platform’s resources.

The free volume of platform resources may not be used, or may be used (at the discretion of QubitTech) for other activities in the cryptocurrency markets.

Qubittech Investment Plan

QubitTech affiliates invest $100 to $100,000 on the promise of an advertised 250% ROI.

  • Bronze – $100
  • Bronze+ – $500
  • Silver – $1000
  • Silver+ – $5000
  • Gold – $10,000
  • Gold+ – invest $25,000
  • Platinum – $50,000
  • Platinum+ – $100,000

Qubittech Review and Features

History of the company

The project positions itself as a quantum fund that makes profit by Trading cryptocurrency with Quantum Technology supercomputers and AI Trading Bots..

This is their Account on Binance.

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QubitTech Account on Binance

QubitTech Team Members

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QubitTech Team Members


Greg Limon — CEO. Co-founder of the Canadian company DigiMax, which helps to conduct STOs and has already raised more than $ 2 billion. He has also organized three successful IPOs at the moment and personally raised more than $ 300 million in various projects. The person is very famous in the crypto community.

Image for post
QubitTech CEO Greg Limon

Per Lind is a co-founder of the IOTA cryptocurrency and Toridion, a quantum development company. Their developments are used by many world corporations.

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QubitTech CTO Per Lind

Marc Swickle — Marketing Director.

Over 25 years in international investment banking Attracted more than 50 million euros to Asian startups focusing AI Robotic Trading Since 2014, he has been developing business at JKD and has implemented projects worth $ 1.9 billion in it (Satellites, oil and gas pipelines, power plants) Since 2009, owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices for $ 500 million. Since 2015, acts as an adviser to the Ministry of Energy of Thailand.

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QubitTech CMO Mark Swickle

*Also — Froystein Bakke, the famous mlm top leader who made a $ 2 billion turnover in his last company. At Qubittech, he is responsible for building the network.

Also, Before Operations Began the company passed an Insurance Audit for $ 100 million.

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QubitTech Audit and Insurance Document

There is an account on Tradingview, where they share their market vision and reports.

Image for post
QubitTech Trading View Analytics

A Payment Card is one of their near future projects.

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How to Register on QubitTech

Step 1

Click here to Register

Step 2

Fill in the registration fields and click “Log in”

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QubitTech Registration Page

Step 3

A confirmation email will be sent to the your mail (after activation, you can get into the private office)

How to pay for a Package on QubitTech

  1. On the main page, select the desired package
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QubitTech Profit Calculator

2. We choose the payment method ETH or BTC, soon company promises the possibility of payments with bank cards.

Image for post
QubitTech Payment Options

3. We send the exact amount and click “I paid”

QubitTech Payment Page

QubitTech Profit and Withdrawal

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QubitTech Profits

QubitTech Trading Profits is the same for all packages! The only difference is the Referral Bonuses.

Example: An Investment of $10,000 yields $25,000 with a 10 months Duration

  • Yield on average is about 25% per month.
  • Trading Profits is made every day.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $ 10 and Duration of withdrawal up to 3 days.
  • The limit for daily withdrawal is equal to the amount of the package.

The Duration for License expiration is 10 months bringing your total profit to 250% in ten Months. The expected time taken to make your Initial Investment is 4 months.

QubitTech Investmemt Packages and Services.

QubitTech offers Various Investment Plan and Services.

1. Digital License

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QubitTech Digital License
  • QubitTech offers 4 packages and 8 types of Digital License Packages they Include;
  • Package 1 — $100(Bronze) or $500(Bronze+) License
  • Package 1 — $1000(Silver) or $5000(Silver +) License
  • Package 1 — $10000(Gold) or $25000(Gold+) License
  • Package 1 — $50000(Platinum) or $100000(Platinum+) License

Any digital licenses can be activated using BTC or ETH. At the End of Each day, Users will receive daily profits on the QubitTech platform According to the Profits made By QubitTech after Trading A host of Cryptocurrencies. Each QubitTech user can have an unlimited number of active digital licenses.

The daily rewards are the percentage of up to 2%. The total result for any digital licenses is 250% and A Digital License will expire after 10months.

Rewards on a digital license are calculated every day after 15:00 (UTC). If you activated a new digital license before 15:00 (UTC) today, then the reward accrual should be expected the next day after 15:00 (UTC).

After receiving a total reward of 250%, the digital license is automatically deactivated. The daily rewards on digital licenses are paid only in USDT.

Click here to Purchase Digital License

2. Corporate License

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QubitTech Coperate License

Qubittech Corporate Licenses allow users of QubitTech to Purchase houses, cars, goods or services at a Discount.

For Example, You want to Buy a Car then you would be given a discount of 60% of the Actual Cost, You will have to Deposit only 40% of the Actual Cost of the Car after 4–5 months you will receive 100% of the Actual Cost of the Car.

After the expiration of the corporate license (1–5 months), you will be credited the full USDT amount to make the Purchase in your wallet balance on the QubitTech platform.

You Must Activate a Digital License to Qualify for Purchasing a Cooperate License.

Click here to Purchase Cooperate License

To apply for a corporate license, you must purchase The Package that Matches the Type of License.

  • Real estate License(Discount 70%)- to Qualify Activate Digital License from Gold to Platinum+
  • Car Corporate License(Discount 60%) -to Qualify Activate Digital License from Gold to Platinum+
  • For paying credit services (Coming Soon on the Platform)
  • For paying travel services(Coming Soon on the Platform)
  • For buying a device(Coming Soon on the Platform)

The maximum cost of the corporate license is limited by the total cost of the digital licenses activated by the user. Payment for a corporate license is made in USDT’s from the user’s wallet balance.

Please note that there is an important requirement for all users after the expiration of the corporate license: you need to provide a detailed report on your purchase within 1 month after receiving full USDT amount under the corporate license.

It should include:

  • copy of sale contract/purchase receipt;
  • video and photo report;
  • QubitTech products opinion letter.

If a report is not provided, your activated digital licenses will be blocked (until you provide a report).

3. QubitTech Cashback License

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QubitTech Cashback License

Qubittech CashBack license provides exclusive access to receiving CashBack up to 100% on any purchases made at any time, anywhere in the world.

Users can receive CashBack for absolutely any kind of expenses: house rent; shopping for groceries, clothing or household appliances and electronics, payments for any services.

  • The minimum activation cost for a CashBack license is 500 USDT.
  • The maximum CashBack license’s value is 100,000 USDT.
  • Each user can have only one activated CashBack license.
  • The maximum available amount for a CashBack reservation is 20% per month of the total CashBack license value.

Click here to Purchase Cash Back License

User needs to send a request (it can be made through a special form) to receive CashBack for any purchases.

You need to attach payment receipts, contact information, leave a comment (optional) in the application.

You can track your requests’ status for CashBack in a special section with your requests’ full history.

CashBack is credited gradually over approximately 4 months.

The first payment for the reserved CashBack occurs immediately after the request is approved.

The available CashBack for reserving can be seen in the special string “Available to request”.

Keep an eye on the “Available to request” string and apply for a CashBack reservation on time.

4. QubitTech Trading Robots

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QubitTech Trading Robots

QubitTech also Developed their Trading Robots that Can be Purchased on the Platform.

There are Two types of Robots, Flat Robot and Trend Robot

Flat Robot is designed for trading in the cryptocurrency market during periods of price correction. Trend Robot is designed for trading in the cryptocurrency market during periods of steady growth or decline in prices.

Instructions for Connecting the Robots Can be Found on the Website.

QubitTech’s platform gives users one trading robot for free when you purchase a license of 1000 USDT or more. The Robot License does not Expire.

Also There are More Projects on QubitTech’s Roadmap

QubitTech Affiliate program


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QubitTech Binary Bonus

A direct referral bonus is a reward for a personal invitation of a partner to your team; it ranges from 2 to 4 levels depending on the package purchased:

  • Bronze: 6% -2%
  • Silver: 6% -3%
  • Gold: 7% -3% -1%
  • Platinum: 8% -4% -2% -1%

A binary bonus is given to an Affiliate for closing balls in the right and left branches from 8% to 12% for each binary pair. A binary pair is activated at $ 100 in the left and right leg of the binary.

  1. To activate the binary grid, you must have at least one Registered User in the right and left legs.
  2. A binary bonus is awarded for closing balls in the left and right legs.
  3. The calculation of the binary bonus comes from the Leg with the smallest Binary Point.

Click here to Join Affiliate Program


QubitTech offers a Rank bonus as a Reward for Inviting People to the Platform. There are 12 ranks on QubitTech and each Rank has Requirements that Must be Met. The Rewards for Rank Bonuses are Given Below

  • Rank 1 – $100
  • Rank 2 – $200
  • Rank 3 – $500
  • Rank 4 – $2000
  • Rank 5 – $5000
  • Rank 6 – $7500
  • Rank 7 – $10000
  • Rank. 8 – $25000
  • Rank 9 – $50000
  • Rank 10 – $100000
  • Rank 11 – $250000
  • Rank 12 – $500000

Matching Bonus. From 1 to 12 active levels. From 10% to 30% of partners profit.

Image for post
Image for post
QubitTech Matching Bonus
Image for post


qubittech review

In the first 15 days you can get a bonus investment package.

if you invited 4 people who register and Purchase an investment packages, you get a bonus package equal to the minimum package of invited partners.

If you invited 4 people to the same investment packages, you get a bonus package equal to the package of invited partners

Is Qubittech A Scam

QubitTech corporate address features a place in Estonia while its CEO, Greg Limon is based out of London, Moscow, and Toronto. Of course, something is amiss. Perhaps QubitTech’s Estonian address is false. No legitimate MLM company would falsify its address.

For a Ponzi scheme to thrive, it needs new investors. QubitTech is no exception.

It has no investible underlying asset, business, product, or service. What it markets is its affiliate membership. New investors and new investments are cardinal to Ponzi schemes.

There is also the pressure to reinvest and to convince others to. QubitTech operates a ten tiered ranking system. To move up the ranks and earn more, an investor has to invest more and maintain a high number of the personally recruited affiliates.

As such, the pay-to-play model of Ponzi schemes and the pressure to reinvest and recruit is being blended to keep QubitTech running.

Final Verdict

This article “Qubittech Review” is not aim to promote or to condemn qubittech, and neither should it be taken as a financial investment.

This is a piece of information to help you on your research for more information about Qubittech

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