NFT Skybar Frankfurt Collection, Utility and Mint Date | Is Skybar NFT a Good Investment

nft skybar frankfurt

NFTs are getting more adoption and real-life use cases as NFT Skybar Frankfurt released their NFT collections and their rarity. The NFT SKYBAR & RESTAURANT is located on the 47th floor of the brand-new nhow Frankfurt hotel. Enjoy spectacular 360-degree views, refreshing cocktails, and delicious food.

NFT Skybar Frankfurt NFTs Collection for sale – Drop Date 28th November

Buy one of the exclusive NFTs and enjoy premium perks, including a VIP queue jump at the NFT SKYBAR & RESTAURANT of nhow Frankfurt, Germany’s highest bar. + bring your chosen NFT cocktail to life and enjoy your first cocktail for free.

NFT Skybar Frankfurt NFTs Collection for sale – Drop Date 28th November

The NFT Skybar Frankfurt collection will be available for minting on the 28th of November, 2022. Check out the entire Skybar NFT collection below.


Old Cuban

In the old Cuba of the metaverse we have built a large figure of Che Guevara and, like a Golem, we have brought him to life so that he can taste the cocktail that has been created in honor of the island he loved so much. As he tasted the first sips his eyes widened and exhaled excitement.

The revolutionary blend of flavors reminded him of the sunsets of a time when dreams seemed within reach. Then he said to himself: Perhaps the metaverse is the place to create the new revolution, the opportunity to build a new, fairer world.



In some corners of the metaverse, a silhouette moves through the lemon tides as a fish moves through the universe: floating through time, amidst an aura of quantum dreams and fl ashes that break through the darkness.

Glassy Bloody Mary 

Glassy Bloody Mary

Andy puts on his virtual reality goggles to enter the metaverse. His first vision is that of being transformed into an avatar half submerged in a lake of Campbell’s tomato soup. All around him is a brightly colored dream world, full of vitality and fantasy. He says to himself: the metaverse has turned the whole world into a gigantic work of pop art, and I have been able to return to this world for a few moments to contemplate it.



After 15 years trapped in a wall in Utah, Banksy’s rat has discovered a space-time hole that leads him to the metaverse. Now he can break out of the two dimensions in which he was locked and explore a three-dimensional world full of fun and dreams. Neon hula-hoops that glow amidst clouds of dark particles, quantum gum balls with which you can feel several flavors at the same time…

Frankfurt Fizz


Everybody travels to Frankfurt tonight. The place in the metaverse where experiences are unleashed, emotions escape from their cage and the senses are delighted with infinite moonlit proposals. Its skyline anticipates the ebullience of its streets, squares, and corners. Frankfurt is a place where time stands still, dreams take over reality and the light of its nights illuminates lost souls.

Whisky Sour

Whisky Sour

Jack sat at the empty metaverse bar and ordered a Whiskey Sour from Lloyd, his virtual bartender. At the first sip, sensations overcame his senses: an aura of colors surrounded him, a surreal holographic light took over the place, and his mind was invaded by multiple ideas and simultaneous daydreams. The night, with its thousand promises, had taken Jack on a journey of initiation. Experiences await around the corner on this night of
surrealist magic.

Martini Spargel

Martini e1668763842464

On a bed of asparagus, a cocktail glass appears, and from its entrails, a Venus conceived for the metaverse is born. As human as she is virtual, as full of life as she is of bits, she can be seen split in two: the celestial Venus, made of energy and pixels, and the earthly Venus, which materializes in a beautiful being of flesh and temptation. Her silken mane, colored with fire, envelops two irises in which the flowing tears of her impossible love are reflected. Memories of love are lost between zeros and ones, as tears are lost in the rain.

German Mule

Mule e1668763888640

Surfing among the flavors, among the waves of a thousand colors. Crossing the walls of bubbles, diving into the depths of a universe of passions and liquor. The German mule, on her surfboard, sails the seas of imagination. A metaverse whose limits are the circular edges of a cocktail glass and whose bottom reaches the abysses of dreams and desires. Each sip from a cocktail glass is a new sensation that, like a wave rolling over the sea, travels through our senses. It’s up to you to surf the wave, pursue your dreams, to fulfill your desires.

Tea Time Mona Lisa

Tea time Mona Lisa

After hundreds of years trapped between the corners of a canvas, The Mona Lisa has escaped from her two-dimensional prison and plunged into the metaverse, where she has transformed into a being full of life, thirsty for experience and sensations. In the depths of the ice tea lakes, she dives through ice and time in her sequined suit that shimmers like distant stars on a dark night.

Say Hello To The Queen

Queen variation2

The queen of hearts, with her voice and her charisma, illuminates every corner of the metaverse singing to the rhythm of rock. This queen doesn’t want to rule you, she doesn’t want to give you orders or guide your destiny, she just wants you to break free. From her bed of coloured crystals, she fills the souls of the avatars that inhabit this multiverse of holographic fantasy with rhythm. The white rabbit has arrived on time, the caterpillar has smoked his pipe, everything is ready for the recital to begin: it’s time to rock.