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Fairdesk Review – Is Fairdesk Exchange Reliable?

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In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become the most talked about topic in the financial industry. The digital currency is the most secure and anonymous payment system, with a decentralized system and strong cryptography.

As a result of this, various cryptocurrency exchanges have been established to support cryptocurrencies trade – which also allows traders to leverage the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

However, a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with fascinating features has always been the cryptocurrency traders and investors.

For this reason, I decided to write an article about the Fairdesk exchange after researching the next big cryptocurrency exchange based on their trading volume, infrastructure, and reputation.

But that’s not all, I will be discussing the exchange token and why it’s the next crypto gem.

What Is Fairdesk?

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Fairdesk cryptocurrency exchange was founded in September 2021 by 6 former Binance Executives and 3 former Morgan Stanley Architects, with the mission of providing a fairer, safer, more profitable, and cost-efficient trading service to the clients.

Fairdesk is a forward-looking company focusing on building a platform that enables traders to go both long and short, and profit from both rising and falling markets, with leverage up to 125X. It has a wide array of crypto-assets of up to 40 crypto assets.

Fairdesk exchange empowers participants to execute critical investing, trading, and risk decisions with confidence by providing high-grade cryptocurrency derivative exchanges. This allows Fairdesk users to easily trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and other derivative products with less fee.

Why Is Fairdesk A Good Cryptocurrency Exchange?

For a particular exchange to be considered the crypto exchange of choice for crypto traders and investors, it has to possess some fascinating features – which Fairdesk possesses:

  • Security

Fairdesk ensures the highest level of protection to its customers and stakeholders by storing all user’s funds in multi-level cold wallets and every transaction is scrutinized manually and signed offline.

Cold wallets are mostly disconnected from the network and are least susceptible to network-based attacks. 

  • Fairness

Carefully designed mark price, funding rate, and stepping liquidation process help limit the scale and frequency of liquidation, thus protecting clients’ assets in most market situations. The trading commission is set at the lowest levels in the industry, leaving the profits to the clients.

  • Reliability

Fairdesk provides a highly reliable service to their clients by compensating clients who have open positions on the exchange platform if the system goes down.

  • High-performance infrastructure 

Their proprietary match engine can efficiently handle more than 450,000 orders per second, with 99.9% of orders being executed within one millisecond, providing their clients with a blazingly fast trading experience

  • Low-Cost Trading Fees

They also charge a very tiny fee for every trade on the platform which is as low as 0.01% compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fairdesk Token (FDT)

FDT token is a crypto asset issued by the Fairdesk exchange which is used as a trading fee and also serves as a utility and governance token in the ecosystem

Users who hold a certain amount of FDT receive lower withdrawal fees or even free.

FDT Tokenomics

  • 2% Early bird plan
  • 23% of Private investors & Public investors
  • 55% Trade Mining / Staking Rewards
  • 5% Advisers (2-year lock)
  • 15% Team (2-year lock)

Why Is FDT The Next Crypto Gem?

The first thing to understand is that finding the next gem in the crypto world requires in-depth research.

It’s much harder than picking stocks, for example, because there’s no central authority with a history of financial statements and other disclosures.

In many cases, these tokens are created by developers who want to raise money for a particular project. The idea is that if their project succeeds, the value of the tokens will go up as well.

But there’s no guarantee that any given project will succeed — and in fact, most don’t.

So how do you decide which ones to invest in?

Discovering a new crypto project with great potential requires many factors to consider and I found that the two most important factors for successful investment are the strength of their vision and the competency and experience of their team.

FDT token is one of the next crypto gems because of these utilities that it possesses, which are listed below:

  • In the Fairdesk exchange platform Saving FDT, get up to 30% APR. Also, give a daily bonus claim.

The token is used as a trading fee on the platform.

  • FDT holders can use FDT for voting, such as Fairdesk DAO, launching new functions, listing tokens, and so on.
  • In Q1 2023 according to the roadmap, Fairdesk will make deep cooperation with Defi projects and FDT token will support NFT Auction in the future.

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How To Get FDT Token 

FDT token is not yet trading in the broader market, hence, the only way to get it now is to accumulate it through the mining event organized by the Fairdesk exchange.

Fairdesk will adopt the “Trade mining” model and release FDT to users gradually.

50% of the FDT total supply will be released as rewards to users in the form of transaction fee refunds.

Fairdesk also launches the total prize pool of 80,000 FDT and starts the mining reward program! From March 07th, 2022 00:00(UTC) – May 01th, 2022 00:00(UTC).

During this event, users involved in contract trading of any trading pairs with a minimum trading volume > 10,000 USDT weekly are eligible to share the mining rewards. (Rewards received by each user are proportional to the individual trading volume). So register on the Fairdesk exchange platform to participate.

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FDT Token Price Prediction

The FDT total supply is 200,000,000 FDT only, looking into the token tokenomics, the price prediction for FDT is $5 – $10.

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Closing Thought

Fairdesk will become the next big cryptocurrency exchange in the world because it’s founded by an experienced team who have worked in Binance exchange and Morgan Stanley.

Hence, it should not be a surprise if Fairdesk becomes one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume and infrastructure and thus affecting its token (FDT) market value.

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