Welcome to bulliscoming.com Dopamineapp airdrop guide.

Dopamine is a user-centric platform that curates news, social data, and trading data.

Through Dopamines’ intuitive UI, users can seamlessly immerse themself into the digital asset world, with best in class information,
social and trading data that is smartly wrapped.

Over 1.6 million people have made Dopamine their go-to app for Interactions, Information, and Transactions in the digital asset space.

What is DOPE

dopamineapp airdrop

At the core, DOPE is a utility token powering the Dopamine mobile app which makes decentralized financial services and knowledge accessible to all.

DOPE is a multi-chain token that can be used to teleport value from one blockchain to another.

Intended utility of the DOPE token

  • Access to premium features like trading data, signals, analysis, AI models
  • Advertise within the app
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Community Governance: voting on new functionalities
  • Staking, farming & referral rewards
  • Airdrops, token burns & more

How to Participate in Dopamineapp Airdrop

Just like how Uniswap or 1inch gave out their tokens worth thousands of $$$, Dopamineapp Exchange is doing the same (make your research too)

  • Use this referral link: https://share.dopamineapp.com/6dtQ
  • Create a wallet
  • Send at least $50 worth of BNB and above in the wallet
  • Swap the BNB to USDT
  • Swap the USDT back to BNB

Then your can withdraw your BNB out of the wallet if you don’t want it inside

The Airdrop will be worth Lambo so don’t miss

Note that you must perform at least 1 transaction (50$ nd above) inside the wallet, the transaction is very fast and instant so you don’t have to wait

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