Coin98 Wallet Review: Is Coin98 Safe?

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Welcome to bulliscoming coin98 wallet review, coin98 has been trending in the crypto space recently and it’s no doubt that you would want to know more about this project and how to successfully participate in their airdrop and ICO (Initial Coin Offering), so keep reading.

What is Coin98 Wallet


Coin98 is an all-in-one DeFi Platform that aims to fulfill untapped demand in the industry and become a Gateway bridging TradFi users to any DeFi services on multiple blockchains.

It accomplishes this mission through a full suite of products, including Coin98 Wallet (a wallet that allows users to store, send, receive, manage crypto assets and connect to numerous dApps on multiple blockchains).

Coin98 Exchange (a multichain liquidity aggregator that allows users to swap, stake, lend, borrow, earn crypto with the best rates and low slippage), and Space Gate (a cross-chain bridge that enables swapping and transferring values across multiple networks.).

Coin98 Wallet Review

Coin98 Wallet is the no. 1 non-custodial, multi-chain wallet and DeFi gateway, designed to seamlessly connect users to the crypto world in a safe and secure manner.

Coin98 Extension Wallet offers you fast, convenient and secure procedures of storing, sending, receiving on 18 popular blockchains, including

  • Ethereum (ETH & ERC20 tokens),
  • Binance Smart Chain (BNB & BEP20 tokens),
  • Solana (SOL & SPL tokens),
  • Polkadot,
  • Kusama,
  • Avalanche C-Chain,
  • HECO Chain,
  • Near,
  • TomoChain,
  • Tron, Polygon (Matic),
  • Fantom,
  • THORChain Cosmos,
  • BandChain,
  • Terra (Luna),
  • Kava,
  • Persistence.

They talk about integrating more blockchains in the near future to move closer to our goal of driving DeFi mass adoption.

Coin98 Extension Wallet now supports 12 languages, including

  • English,
  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese),
  • 中文 (Chinese),
  • 日本語 (Japanese),
  • Español (Spanish),
  • Français (French),
  • Indonesia,
  • 한국어 (Korean),
  • Português (Portuguese),
  • Pусский (Russian),
  • ภาษาไทย (Thai),
  • Türkçe (Turkish).

Their extension also enables faster, yet safer access to the most popular DApps and multi-chain DApps by providing a transaction review before approving or rejecting.

Besides, users can adjust their own transaction fee using the convenient & optimized gas bar according to their needs.

In addition, Coin98 Extension Wallet provides the multi-send feature,  allowing users to send tokens to multiple addresses in seconds.

It is currently available for Solana (SOL & SPL), Binance Smart Chain (BNB & BEP20), and Ethereum (ETH & ERC20).

In the latest version, they also offer the Web3 Chain Priority feature that allows choosing the prioritized blockchain among 6 chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, HECO Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon & Fantom when performing all activities on the Coin98 Extension Wallet

The Coin98 Token

$C98 token (an ERC20 Token) is the native utility token of the Coin98 platform which will be used to pay services fees, as staking incentives, for governance, and unique membership as mentioned below

  • Ecosystem development: C98 revenue from transaction fees will be sent to a treasury fund and partially set aside for future product development and ecosystem growth.
  • Staking: The other fraction of the treasury fund will be allocated to C98 holders who stake their tokens. The exact distribution is subject to protocol governance and may be changed.
  • Governance: Users may stake C98 in exchange for X98 to gain voting power and participate in the governance process to change product parameters.
  • Unique membership rights: Users will gain tiered benefits on the platform, depending on their X98 holdings. Some benefits include access to participate in Coin98 launchpads and retroactive incentives from strategic partners.

Coin98 Airdrop

Coin98 is currently rewarding every new user that downloads their app in anticipation of their project launch and this airdrop is of two sections, below is the step by step to partake in the airdrop

You’re good to go.

However that’s the first and main airdrop, below is the step by step to partake in the second airdrop.

After you’ve successfully downloaded the app and registered, click on  add wallet

IMG 20210719 WA0123

Then select Binance smartchain and create a wallet and also make sure you copy and save both your private key and passphrase somewhere as seen in the second image below

IMG 20210719 WA0122
IMG 20210719 WA0121

Then you screenshot your wallet Address as shown in the image below within which you will send to coin98 telegram as a task with the link below

IMG 20210719 WA0124

Final Verdict

Coin98 is an all-in-one DeFi Platform that aims to fulfill untapped demand in the industry and become a Gateway bridging TradFi users to any DeFi services on multiple blockchains

This article coin98 Review is for informational purposes, we’re not responsible for any profit/loss incurred by partaking in the IEO.

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