The growing numbers of cryptocurrencies can get a lot of newbies confused, the bull network community is a platform that offers the following:

  • Cryptocurrency trading tutorials and materials.
  • Forex trading tutorials and materials.
  • Digital marketing trading and tutorials.
  • Networking strategies
  • Blockchain Technolgy and Defi tutorials
  • Trading Signals and lots more

With the help of the bull network community, newbies can get complete knowledge on the aforementioned topics above and be able to make a profit from the knowledge they have gained.

What is the Bull Network Community

bull network community

Bull Network Community is the first conceived idea to be worked on in the Bull Network Organization, though not the first to be launched to the public.

The Bull community has a great potential to reach and transform many lives of people across Africa and beyond providing them with the right knowledge of everything cryptocurrency and the opportunity to trade them for serious profit.

The Bull Network Community is more like social media platforms but it comes with an inbuilt bull marketplace and bull academy that will take care of the followings:

  • Provide education and full review Bitcoin and other top growing Altcoins.
  • Teach how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies profitably and individually.
  • Provide necessary requirements and other tools to facilitate the learning process.
  • We go a long way in providing other top high-income skills to the bull community members.
  • Will create an avenue for their members to leverage the community direct and make wealth for themselves.
  • Creating wealth also from the bull network organization token (Bullcoin BCX).

How to Register as a Member of Bull Network Community

To become a member of the bull network community first, you will need to register and that incurs a one-time payment of N3,000.

This money you are paying upon registration will be credited into your bull cash wallet for you to use in the community.

The good part is that from every activity you perform in the community you earn in different currencies and of which you can withdraw.

Note: Upon registration the N3, 000 you paid will be funded into your Bull Cash Wallet for you to use to enroll for any premium course, or purchase any ebook of your choice.

Here is a step by step process to register and become an account on the bull network community.

  • Step1: Copy and paste the registration link
  • When the registration page load, you then have to fill in your details correctly, and then you can choose to pay with your card by clicking the signup button or you can option to bypass card payment by using a coupon code.
bull signup
  • To get a coupon code, you can check the list of verified Bull Network community vendors here Coupon Vendors. or chat me on Whatsapp for your registration coupon +2349061741954.
  • After that, you can then register and login successfully and a reward of N3, 050 cash will be added to your Bull Cash Wallet, and also you will be awarded Bullcoins (BCX) which you can withdraw to your tron wallet if you want to.
bull cash wallet
bull coin wallet

Now, after your registration, let look at how you can make money from the bull network community and build wealth for yourself.

How to Make Money From Bull Network Community

The bull network community has a lot of functions and for every activity, you make in the community you earn incentives. They are three basic way you can earn money in the community and they are:

  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Bullcoins (BCX)
  3. Bull Cash

Referral Bonus

Recall that you pay a one-time fee of N3, 000 (that is still credited into your Bull cash wallet) to become a member of the bull community. Now, out of the N3,000 if indeed you were referred by someone the person gets a referral bonus of N1,2000.

So imagine you are able to invite 10 people a day to join you take trading courses for free as a member of the bull community, that means you will get.

N1,200 X 10 = N12, 000

That’s actually a huge sum of money made just in a single day, now let think of the long term. Let say within a month you were able to refer 50 people who want to broaden their knowledge either in cryptocurrency, forex, and the blockchain technology that will then give you.

N1,200 X 50 = N60, 000

This is really massive, and most people can actually make this in a day, instead of working 7 am to 6 pm to get a peanut pay after a whole month, that’s really frustrating, so this is an opportunity to leverage on bull community.

Note: There’s no minimum or maximum or specified day for withdrawals, whenever you place a withdrawal order within the shortest possible time your account will be credited asap.

Bullcoin (BCX)


The bullcoin is a native token of the bull community and it was built under tron blockchain as a TRC-10 token, the current estimated price of 1BCX = 1TRX and that means 1BCX = the value of tron in USDT.

Moreover, the prize is expected to surge higher when it gets into the IEO (initial exchange offering) stage. You can find the full details of the bullcoin in the bull network community whitepaper.

Now, the good part of it all is that you are not expected to spend a penny to get the bullcoin, and as of now the only way to mine the bullcoin is by carrying out any activity in the bull community.

Whatever you do in the bull community you mine the bullcoin and you can withdraw at any time to your tron wallet.

Bull Cash

Also, from your daily activities on the bull network community you get awarded bull cash into your bull cash wallet.

The money in your bull cash wallet is non-withdrawable. It is for you to use it to enrol for courses or getting of educational ebooks/materials to broaden your knowledge.

Remember that the main aim of the bull network community is to impact the knowledge of forex, crypto, blockchain and defi, and so if they don’t keep a check to how their platform operates members will divert from the core purpose.

So to maintain decorum and to restore value in the community, there’s a restriction towards withdrawing your gifted Bull Cash, hence, it is for you to use it and get the right knowledge that will fetch you more money individually.

7 Reasons why you should Consider Joining Bull Network Community

After analyzing the platform, here are the top reasons why you should consider being a registered member of the bull network community. they are:

  • The bull network community is not a Ponzi scheme.
  • The bull network community is not a smart contract.
  • The bull network community is not ready to use and dump bullcoin and that’s why they are disbursing it for free instead of selling.
  • As a member of the bull community, you stand a 93% chance of becoming a full-time trader.
  • As a member of the bull community, you get knowledge of other top high-income skills aside from blockchain technology.
  • In the bull community, the money you earn can be withdrawn at any time without limit.
  • From the roadmap of the bull network community, you will discover that it is an organization that has a future plan for its members.
  • The team behind the bull network community has a higher level of integrity.


If you have ever wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency, forex, defi and blockchain, and also, how to trade them for serious profit.

Then you will consider joining the bull network community, and the best part of it all is that you will get incentives being a member, which creates an avenue for you to make money also.

So it like a win – win organization, you study, grow in knowledge and as well connect with like minded people as you.


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