Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run Will Start In 2023

Bitcoin's Next Bull Run Will Start In 2023

Uncertainties are a part of the Crypto space. The market will range from bearish to bullish trends, which is quite normal. At present, the CEO of Bitwise says that Bitcoin will hit a bullish trend in the upcoming year. Hunter Horsley, who is the CEO of this firm, also states that crypto winters are best for BTC trading!

The CEO believes that this is the correct time to invest in BTC. In this period, the traders can work on increasing their exposure to BTC. Bitwise provides tech support and solutions and Horsley is the firm’s CEO.

Is Bear Market The Right Time To Invest?

The Crypto industry is going through a bearish trend at present. And experts believe that this is the right moment to invest in digital currencies. Many investors think that it is right to make investments during this Cryptocurrency winter. Hunter Horsley is also on this list who thinks you need to invest in BTC during this period of Cryptocurrency winter.

Also, he estimates that by the upcoming year, the bull market will be here. And the clients of his firm are eagerly looking forward to buying this coin. Bloomberg took an interview with Horsley on this aspect. He explained the earlier pattern of BTC’s price movements.

Since its advent in the market, BTC passed through periods of four-year cycles. The budding bullish trends always seem to come after the bear market. Depending on this, he says that Bitcoin will have a new price range in 2023! Back in 2014, the market was down by 60%, while it was 70% in 2018. And, in the current year, the market of down by around 60%. So, if the market follows all the earlier patterns, then next year will be a bull market.

Despite being a bear market, investors are showing quite a high amount of interest in investing. Many clients of Bitwise are recovering their interest in digital assets. And the number of such investors is increasing every day. He adds that the traders who are investing now at lower prices have higher chances of earning massive profits over time.

Many experts are adopting this strategy, in which they invest in BTC or other coins during the bear market. The reason behind this is that the downfall in prices creates panic in the Cryptocurrency market. But after everything cools down and settles, the prices beat the earlier valuations.

A clear example of this fact is the recovery of BTC’s price after its downfall. During the strike of the pandemic, BTC’s price was at a much lower rate, which is below 5000 USD. But, just after a year, it regained its earlier position and led to its recovery. And, after this, its price went to an all-time high rate of 70,000 USD.

Viewpoints Of Experts On This Matter

Financial experts are also providing their viewpoints on this matter. Robert Kiyosaki, who is a renowned author as well, believes that traders should invest during crises as well. In some previous interviews, he said that the rising inflation, decreasing power of the USD, recession, and others are some of the main reasons that investors should have more BTC exposure.

Also, Michael Saylor, who is the Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy has a similar opinion. He adds that the crash in Bitcoin’s price is a great chance of buying it. And, he advises the residents of countries that are going through economic distress. He says that these residents should preserve their wealth as Bitcoin. In this way, they will be able to save their wealth from turmoil.


If you are thinking of investing in Cryptocurrencies, then this Crypto winter can be the right time. The experts believe in this strategy and earlier patterns prove the same.

The bullish trend is not far and is about to enter with the entry of 2023. But before that, you can take advantage of this market crisis and buy Bitcoin present. This is a strategy that experts believe in and follow as well. Some experts even suggest buying BTC in times of turmoil or economic distress. This assures you of saving your wealth and providing higher returns too! And, anyone can trade and earn in cryptocurrencies with Bit Software360.