New Biswap Sharing Season – Share $1060 in BSW Rewards Weekly!

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The Biswap Sharing Season is a lucrative opportunity to tell the crypto world about your Biswap experience using special hashtags on Twitter & Biswap Telegram Chat and win BSW rewards!

The weekly Prize Pool of $1060 in BSW is divided among 202 random fortunate in the following way:

  •  $530 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_exchange for 101 winners (the 1st one – $30 & 100 others $5 each)
  • $530 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_earn for 101 crypto birds (the 1st one – $30 & 100 others $5 each)
  • Twitter Share for $1 060 in BSW Prize Pool!
  • Try your luck to share $1 060 in BSW by making tweets with unique hashtags:
  • #biswap_exchange – use to share your Swaps on Biswap Exchange
  • #biswap_earn – use to share other lucrative Biswap experiences:
  • Liquidity – become a Liquidity Provider by adding Liquidity
  • Farms – Stake LP-tokens & Harvest BSW income on Farms
  • Launchpools (Stake BSW Launchpools & Stake Tokens Launchpools) – Stake tokens, Make Compound, or Harvest your earnings.

How to participate in Biswap Sharing Season?

Sharing Pop-ups – the newest way to share your tweets automatically in one-click action from Biswap website!.

1. Make an action on Biswap which fits the hashtags #biswap_exchange or #biswap_earn

How to participate in Biswap Sharing Season?

2. Click on the Twitter button which will be shown in the Pop-up after confirming the transaction.

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3. Share the automatically created tweet on your Twitter profile to take part in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap.

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Biswap Pop-ups it’s your lucrative chance to be in double-profit: Become one of the lucky crypto birds who will share $1060 in BSW challenging their fortune in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap. Get 5% from your friends’ earnings in Launchpools and 5% on Farms who joined Biswap via your referral link, attached to the automatically created tweet.

Pay attention that you may also share your vivid Biswap experience & your referral link via pop-ups with your Telegram friends but it doesn’t count as participation in Biswap Sharing Season❗️ Rush to send your lucky tweet and gain mighty BSW!

📅 The winners of Biswap Sharing Season will be chosen randomly once a week and announced via Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter & Telegram networks with the link to the winners’ table.


Join and earn powerful BSW rewards weekly!

Probability of Getting a Certain Reward

Take a look at your chances of receiving a gift in honor of the Biswap Anniversary celebration:

1* Z7mz6HdEpt bSn6IHF 9w

Biswap B-day $BSW Presents Event Rules

Simple steps to win BSW:

  • Connect your BEP-20 wallet to biswap.org
  • Click the ‘GO’ button in the BSW Presents section.
  • Wait for a pop-up to notify you about your win.
  • Withdraw BSW rewards from the Biswap Intergalactic Trading Competition balance or try your luck again on the next day.

Requirements & Terms:

  • Have a minimum of 20 BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool the BSW Holder Pool to participate in the event.
  • There is a total limit of 5 000 attempts per day for the complete number of users.
  • One BEP-20 wallet can participate in the event once per day.
  • The timer on the event’s main page will notify you when the attempt can be repeated.
  • Users can participate in sharing on Twitter or Telegram. You can either share about the event or tell everyone about your BSW win. Once you win BSW you can tell your friends about it on social media. By sharing your win you might become a winner of Biswap Sharing Season on Twitter only.

BSW Presents Available – Drop Chance:

  • 3 BSW – 25.3%
  • 5 BSW – 8%
  • 7 BSW – 2%
  • 10 BSW – 0.4%
  • 20 BSW – 0.2%
  • 50 BSW – 0.06%
  • 100 BSW – 0.02%
  • No reward – 64.02%

About Biswap

Biswap is essentially a decentralized exchange (DEX) that was specifically developed to let users swap tokens developed on the BNB chain. Any token that follows the BEP-20 token standard can be bought, sold, or traded on the DEX. BSW is a popular utility token with a huge user base that supports the Biswap ecosystem. Apart from being able to trade BSW tokens, you can also make use of a wide variety of additional benefits that come along with it.

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