Adam Bomb Squad NFT – Everything You Need to Know

adam bomb squad nft

Longtime followers of The Hundreds are well-acquainted with the mascot, Adam Bomb Squad NFT. Three years into the LA-based streetwear brand, Ben suggested to Bobby that he draw a character version of the Solid Bomb that The Hundred has already been running as an Icon.

Bobby stayed up late illustrating an anticipative bomb, inspired by Saturday Morning cartoons and vintage advertising mascots. The black, red, white, and yellow color combination was stolen from Mickey Mouse. His silent nature was derived from Garfield. And, the notion of him being our imaginary sidekick pointed back to Calvin and Hobbes. Metaphorically, the bomb never totally explodes, but is always on the verge, riding the line.

What is Adam Bomb Squad

adam bomb squad nft

Adam Bomb Squad is an NFT project by The Hundreds, consisting of 25,000 unique combinations of bombs and accompanying backgrounds from our two decades of history. Ownership grants you membership cards that come with perks directly from Adam Bomb Squad and the community.

Initially, Adam Bomb had a tough time getting off the ground. His first cameo was on the back of a Freshjive collaboration T-shirt in 2006. He was then incorporated onto a crewneck sweatshirt. But, it wasn’t until he was re-introduced as a basketball (Bridge Burners Adam), that he gained traction in the marketplace.

Adam Bomb never explodes, but he definitely blew up. Over the past 15 years, he’s become the face of not only The Hundreds but a streetwear generation. He shows up on skaters and celebrities, at awards shows, and in music videos. Adam Bomb guest-starred in Pixar movies and topped the tallest Times Square billboard.

Today, Adam Bomb has become one of the most recognizable and well-loved mascots in fashion, proudly carried as a streetwear badge, as a status symbol, or to notify the world that you’re part of a movement. As the physical world continues to cross over to the metaverse, however, we see the next iteration of Adam Bomb Squad representation as NFTs.

But now, everyone can not only gather and promote The Hundreds’ bombs on their backs, they can own them as NFTs and share in the upside of their success. This project is not only a fun history lesson, but a means to erase the lines between identity, community, and ownership.

Who Owns Adam Bomb Squad

The Adam Bomb Squad Project is a collection of 25,000 “Adam Bombs” curated by The Hundreds owners Ben and Bobby as they breached the boundaries between streetwear, fashion, and technology.

Although The Hundreds started off as a men’s brand, early on, there was a sister line called TENS that shared the same inspiration and aesthetic. Madam was the TENS’ brand mascot and borrowed the same colors and styling as Adam, but reflected the strong and charismatic women that surrounded us in streetwear.

Unfortunately, TENS only lasted a few seasons, but Madam was intermittently brought back into The Hundreds’ world, recently making a cameo in the 2021 Adam Bomb collection. Today, she holds it down as an on/off-again love interest for Adam, and a good and loyal friend to the Adam Bomb Squad.

How to Buy Adam Bomb Squad NFT

Adam Bomb Squad NFTs were minted on August 27, 2021, for 0.1 ETH, with volume pricing at 5 bombs and 10 bombs. They sold out in 40 minutes. Today, Adam Bomb Squad NFTs trade on the secondary market for a value that fluctuates depending on demand.

To buy Adam Bomb Squad NFT. First, you need to buy Ethereum on a crypto exchange like Coinbase. Then, you transfer Ethereum from Coinbase and to your crypto wallet (MetaMask), and follow the instructions in the video below.